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Available Services

Appointment Setting

Our skilled team of appointment setters can handle the task of scheduling appointments, ensuring that your customers have a seamless experience and your sales and service departments operate at peak efficiency.

Service Defectors

We have a system and process to effectively drive customers back into your service department.

Service Appointments

We specialize in managing service appointments, providing timely reminders to customers, reducing no-shows, and maximizing your service bay utilization

Service Retention

Call Boost understands the high standards manufactures hold dealerships to when it comes to retention and the second and third visits.

Declined ROs

Call Boost can assist in following up with customers who have declined repair orders, reiterating the importance of timely repairs and boosting your service revenue.

Parts Department

Call Boost has an SOP proven process to ensure maximum profitability and effectiveness when dealing with SOPs.

Missed Appointments

We have an effective system in place to follow up with customers who have missed their appointments, giving you the opportunity to reschedule and maintain strong customer retention

30-Day Old Leads

Our lead management solutions are designed to re-engage with leads that may have gone dormant, nurturing them and turning them into potential sales opportunities.

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