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Outsourced BDC 
for Car Dealerships

We are the leading provider of outsourced BDC services, dedicated to elevating customer satisfaction, fostering a positive company culture, increasing retention, and improving the performance of your business.



To seamlessly align customer experience with business success

Our mission at Call Boost Now is to provide exceptional BDC services to car dealerships, focusing on increasing sales, improving efficiency and cost-effectiveness. We are dedicated to delivering high-quality lead generation and customer interactions, allowing our clients to grow their business with the support they need.

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About the CEO

My name is Tino Hernandez.

Click below for an overview of Tino Hernandez, the CEO of Call Boost Now, highlighting his unique background and expertise in the car industry, and his experience in sales, training and consulting.

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Increased sales

Our BDC service specializes in lead generation and conversion, which can lead to a significant increase in sales for car dealerships.


Maximize your dealership's potential by outsourcing to our BDC for cost-effective lead generation and customer interaction services. Our experienced team will handle the heavy lifting, allowing you to focus on growing your business. 

Improved efficiency

Our BDC service can handle a high volume of customer interactions, allowing car dealerships to focus on other important tasks such as inventory management and employee training.

Why Boost Now?

Meet the Team

My name is Randall Blaum.

Meet Randall Blaum, our seasoned sales expert and call center guru. Boasting a track record spanning diverse companies, Randall's expertise is the cornerstone of our call center's success. His leadership empowers our agents to drive meaningful conversations, propelling your company's message forward. With Randall, your path to call center success is illuminated.

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"The team at Call Boost Now developed an efficient BDC process that allowed us to continue generating leads and setting appointments while working from home."

- Paul Fillmore, General Manager of

South County Buick GMC




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